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May 2016 - New Poem - I Gaze Upon The Landscapes

Welcome to Robin Brookshaw's E-Stories. 


From fantasy to crime, I come up with a variety of stories to suit almost every reader. I am a proud West Australian, and one thing I love is to share my passion for writing and spread my imagination to all my readers.

The stories will be presented in PDF format so all you will require adobe acrobat reader to read these stories (which is standard on most PCs nowadays). If you like my stories, feel free to let any of your friends know about this site. Most of the works here are unedited manuscripts which will later be published. 

I hope you enjoy my stories and feel free to leave comments in the Guest Book. Also, if you have any questions about my stories or this site, simply email . If you would like to watch a brief introduction from myself, simply click the youtube video below.

Enjoy reading,

Robin Brookshaw